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Spring Is Here....Along With Allergy Season
With the warm weather arriving early, pollen and other allergy triggers are circulating in the outside air. If you've been experiencing itchy eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, itchy skin, rashes, swelling, or even asthma, the culprit is most likely environmental allergens.

An allergy is an abnormal response of the immune system to a harmless substance in the environment. This is somewhat comparable to the way the immune system responds to germs, but allergens cause somewhat of a false alarm. A person is exposed to an allergen by inhaling it, swallowing it, or getting it under their skin.

According to MedLine Plus, the most well-known examples of environmental allergies are: There are several types of pollen including ragweed pollen, grass pollen and tree pollen. Each type of pollen can cause an allergic reaction, depending on the individual. During the spring season, the most prominent pollens are grass pollen and tree pollen. For those who tend to be affected during the springtime, the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences suggests the following to prevent exposure:

Grass Pollen
Specifically: In General:

Tree Pollen
Preventive Strategies: Although there is no cure for allergies, there are medications, over-the-counter and prescription, available to help treat the symptoms during the allergy season.

Antihistamines have been used for years to treat allergy symptoms and come in the form of pills, liquids, nasal sprays, and eye drops. Some examples of Antihistamines, listed by WebMD, are:
Examples of antihistamines include: Decongestants are taken to relieve congestion and come in the form of nasal sprays, eye drops, liquid, and pill forms. Decongestants are often prescribed in combination with antihistamines. Nasal spray and eye drop decongestants can be used for only a few days, since long-term use can actually make symptoms worse. Pills and liquid decongestants may be taken longer safely. Some examples of Decongestants, listed by WebMD, are: Like any medication, there are side effects to antihistamines and decongestants. Many over-the-counter antihistamines may cause drowsiness and should be taken with caution. Some decongestants may raise blood pressure, cause insomnia, or restrict urinary flow.

April Is Autism Awareness Month
DC Autism Parents Day at Nationals Park
Saturday, April 21

DC Autism Parents (DCAP) is proud to be partnering with The Washington Nationals for the fourth year in a row on Saturday, April 21, 2012!!! To support our organization, please purchase tickets for the game and a portion of the proceeds will go back DCAP. Fans and supports are invited to visit the Community Kiosk to pick up information and learn more about DCAP.

Game Pricing: For groups of 24 or more please contact Brian Beck at to place your order and support this important cause.

Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day at the National Aquarium
Sunday, April 29

Join us for a day of under the sea fun on Saturday, April 16th from 9am-1pm at the National Aquarium (14th and Constitution Avenue NW WDC 20230), located in the lower level of the Commerce Building. Come in and visit over 200 species including alligators, piranha, shark, eel and Japanese carp. There will be arts and crafts, a quiet room, story time and more.

Tickets are FREE for child under 12 years of age and $3.50/adults (this is a special event rate). Please be prepared to pay by cash or check at the door.
Please click here to learn more about DCAP and Austism

The EHS Difference
We are a distinctive primary care office and Executive Physical center founded on traditional family medicine values, caring for a limited number of individuals and families through a fee-based membership practice (concierge-style practice). This uniquely low ratio of patients per doctor, allows very personalized, proactive care by the doctors and staff alike. Our entire staff's focus is on the coordination and implementation of care plans, for both acute and chronic issues, as well as prevention.

EHS offers individuals, families and our partner-companies' key employees the synergy of an exceptional medical care and Executive Physicals along with the even more important, 24-7-365 personalized care and follow-up necessary for optimization of one's health.

Through our healthcare-concierge services and personalized care, we make healthcare convenient and hassle free for our clients. We are your partner in decision making as well as your medical advocate. The EHS care model provides the medical care you need and the peace of mind you deserve in today's fragmented, impersonal health care system.

For our corporate partners, this results not only in better health for their key employees, but improved productivity (reduced absenteeism and presenteeism), improved recruitment and retention, and a proven positive return on investment.

For more information on our program, please see

Executive Healthcare Services

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