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Staying Active Indoors
With springtime around the corner, it's important to remember that there are indoor exercises to keep you feeling healthy and fit. You can do these exercises while you're at work and while at home.

Exercising at home To stay active, even when you're stuck inside, you need to be creative. Fit Watch suggests the following exercises, which can be done right inside your home: You may also work-out using fitness videos or shows available on the television. Videos will not only provide structure to your exercises, but they will add some variety to your workouts, as well. Fitness videos are available online and in stores locally.

Exercising at the office
Working full time, or even part time, makes exercising seem impossible. Office environments tend to allow for very little movement, which can result in weight gain. You may also experience increased stress, loss of muscle tone, and strain on the back, wrists, eyes, and neck after sitting too long. Take a few minutes each day to stretch, walk around, and work your muscles.

Commuting.To change your inactive lifestyle, you can start with your commute. If the weather permits, try bicycling or walking to your office. Doing so will increase blood flow and will help to wake you up in the early morning. If your commute requires driving, we recommend that you park at the far end of the parking lot, which will require you to walk further each day. The steps will start to add up quickly.

In the office. While you are in the office, look for opportunities to stand up and walk around. You can stand while speaking on the phone or while eating lunch. By standing or walking around, you can increase circulation, stretch, which will ultimately increase your productivity. To increase your balance and muscle tone, The Mayo Clinic recommends that you trade your office chair for a balance ball. A balance ball can be used for a number of exercises during your short breaks at your office.

Eating Healthy
Healthy eating requires having variety in ingredients, having the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and supplements, and portion control. According to the WebMD, eating a healthy balance of foods is not only more satisfying, but attributes to a healthier weight when combined with physical activity.

According to the The Centers for Disease Control, a healthy eating plan includes: There are many ways to find healthy recipes that appeal to you and your family. Magazines such as Cooking Light and Shape both offer multiple recipes in each issue. Some online sources of healthy recipes include The Food Network,The Centers for Disease Control, or Eating Well.

EHS Medical Update: Norovirus Hits Virginia
There has recently been an increase in the number of norovirus cases in our area. Noroviruses can cause acute gastroenteritis and, although the viruses are typically short-lived, can cause severe discomfort to those infected. Guidelines have been developed by the Centers for Disease Control to help reduce the risk of spreading and becoming infected with the viruses.

Please review the following links to learn more about these viruses:

Norovirus Arrives in Virginia
Symptoms of a Norovirus Infection
Norovirus Facts
Keeping Your Hands Clean

The EHS Difference
We are a distinctive primary care office and Executive Physical center founded on traditional family medicine values, caring for a limited number of individuals and families through a fee-based membership practice (concierge-style practice). This uniquely low ratio of patients per doctor, allows very personalized, proactive care by the doctors and staff alike. Our entire staff's focus is on the coordination and implementation of care plans, for both acute and chronic issues, as well as prevention.

EHS offers individuals, families and our partner-companies' key employees the synergy of an exceptional medical care and Executive Physicals along with the even more important, 24-7-365 personalized care and follow-up necessary for optimization of one's health.

Through our healthcare-concierge services and personalized care, we make healthcare convenient and hassle free for our clients. We are your partner in decision making as well as your medical advocate. The EHS care model provides the medical care you need and the peace of mind you deserve in today's fragmented, impersonal health care system.

For our corporate partners, this results not only in better health for their key employees, but improved productivity (reduced absenteeism and presenteeism), improved recruitment and retention, and a proven positive return on investment.

For more information on our program, please see

Executive Healthcare Services

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