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Influenza Season 2010-2011 Information:
Be Prepared!
As Fall hurriedly approaches, so does Influenza season. This year's annual vaccine includes the H1N1 vaccine among the three covered viral strains. It is expected that H1N1 will be the predominant Influenza virus this year.

We will closely monitor the incidence and prevelence of Influenza as the season approaches. Although this year there may be less media hype, remember that the influenza virus, which comes around every year, kills approximately 36,000 Americans annually. Prevention through vaccination is our most important weapon against becoming ill. If infected, there are certain symptoms which are characteristic of influenza and important to recognize. Once a diagnosis is made, there are several treatment options available and, if indicated, prophylaxis for close contacts.

Executive Healthcare Services is offering both the injectable and the nasal influenza vaccine. The injectable is an "inactivated viral vaccine" approved for ages 6 months and older. The nasal is a "live, attenuated viral vaccine" approved for ages 2 years to 49 years old but should not be given to pregnant women, asthmatics, people with chronic heart or lung disorders, diabetics or immune compromised individuals. We offer the injectable vaccine for $30.00 and the nasal vaccine for $45.00.

Is it Influenza?
Simply, if you experience sudden onset of significant body aches and fatigue, moderate to high fever, and respiratory symptoms (most specifically a dry cough), and your illness occurs during November through April (the usual flu season in the Northern Hemisphere), you may have "the flu". Most people can recall almost the exact hour they began with symptoms. The Flu will take one to four days to develop from time of exposure, although you may be able to spread it to others one day prior to developing symptoms. You are contagious for about 7 days. Our office has quick, on-the-spot testing available for influenza. Here is a link to the Mayo Clinics review of Influenza signs and symptoms.

How is it treated?
Once a diagnosis of influenza is made, the mainstay of treatment is rest, lots of fluids, and other symptomatic treatment such as Tylenol, Advil, decongestants and cough medications, in addition to antiviral medication. There are prescription antiviral treatments available for influenza including amantadine, rimantadine (Flumadine), zanamivir (Relenza), and oseltamivir (Tamiflu). Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and age indications. To be effective, treatment should be started within 48 hours of symptom onset; therefore early evaluation is important.

Preventing Spread- To help stop the spread of germs:

If you do develop influenza, there is the option of preventive treatment for close contacts with prescription medication. The medications mentioned above can be used for prophylaxis and are 70-90% effective in preventing disease. They should only be used in certain at-risk people who will have known exposure to someone with influenza. Here is more information from the American Academy of Family Practice regarding Influenza prevention.

Yours in health,
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The EHS Difference
EHS offers individuals, families and our partner-companies' key employees the synergy of an exceptional, comprehensive history & physical exam along with the even more important, 24-7-365 personalized care and follow-up necessary for optimization of one's health.

Through our healthcare-concierge services and personalized care, we make healthcare convenient and hassle free for our clients. We are your partner in decision making as well as your medical advocate. The EHS care model provides the medical care you need and the piece of mind you deserve in today's fragmented, impersonal health care system.

For our corporate partners, this results not only in better health for their key employees, but improved productivity (reduced absenteeism and presenteeism), improved recruitment and retention, and a proven positive return on investment.

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