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Executive Physical Program

Even the most thorough executive physical is only a snapshot of an individual's health. Although proven beneficial, it is clear that abnormalities noted on these exams are frequently not followed-up appropriately. Often, patients must travel to another city, adding time and expense and reducing productivity.

We will be your single point of contact for all of your medical care needs.

Concierge Services
Imagine having one point of contact for all of your medical needs. Our staff is just a phone call or an email away. We are readily available to:

Coordination of Care
As various circumstances arise, follow-up with a specialist may be recommended to fully evaluate a problem. We may suggest that our clients obtain specialty services such as x-rays, mammograms, or other testing. We take a proactive approach to coordinate our client's care to ensure a seamless experience. EHS Corporate Care will:

Compare Our Services

Service EHS Corporate Care
Executive Physical
Executive Physical
One-day comprehensive evaluation Yes
Advanced screening (body scan, heart scans, virtual colonoscopy)
Convenient location Unlikely
Planned follow-up appointments No
Coordination with local specialists/ consultants No
Concierge services to assist you in scheduling follow-up No
Facilitation of the health action plan No

What If ?
You should not get weighted down by the infinite "what ifs" when it comes to your health. EHS Corporate Care gives you the unequalled assurance that you have someone to go to when the "what ifs" come up. What if:

No matter what the "what if", your EHS Corporate Care doctor and concierge medical staff is there to help you get answers. Whether you need important medical information concerning a problem, a specialist consultation, or just health advice, we are there.

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CALL: 703-230-0347    VISIT: 12040 South Lakes Drive, Suite 204, Reston, Virginia 20191