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Corporate ROI

EHS Corporate Care provides a new way to improve corporate health, resulting in a happier, healthier employee and lowered healthcare costs. Many local companies are using our services as part of recruitment and retainment packages, and to increase employee productivity. A 2002 study showed that for the 3 years preceding an executive physical, one company's executives who chose not to have an Executive Physical cost ~20% more in medical claims costs.

A Valuable Benefit for Your Employee
Since March 2004, our client retention rate has been 98+%. That says a lot about the satisfaction of our clients. Our level of convenience, care, and service is unparalleled in traditional executive physical plans. Give the benefit which bolsters your bottom line, while showing a commitment to your employees' health and wellness. Our Executive Physical Program includes:

A Valuable Benefit for Your Bottom Line
There is ample evidence to prove that corporate health and wellness programs boost company ROI. By offering memberships to your senior management teams or top executives, your company will benefit in numerous ways:

See the evidence for corporate return on investment:

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