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Lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of diabetes

EHS Team
A recent article in the Lancet journal (Lancet 2006; 368: 1673-1679) showed strong evidence that lifestyle changes, for an extended period of time, can significantly reduce the risk of developing diabetes. This benefit lasted years beyond the intervention period.

The lifestyle changes involved the ‘simple’ efforts of increased exercise, improved diet by reducing calories and fat, targeted weight loss and increasing fiber. Of all these, obtaining a 5% weight loss was correlated with the greatest reduction in diabetes; but success in any of these areas independently reduced the risk. Overall, lifestyle changes reduced the risk of diabetes by 43% after 7 years!

EHS Corporate Care will provide counseling, guidance and referrals to help you target the same areas. We strongly encourage you to consider these changes yourself, thereby improving your short term health and reducing your long term risks of diabetes and other disorders.

Below is a detailed summary of the study (from COACH):

Overweight or obese men (n = 172) and women (n = 350) with impaired glucose tolerance at baseline (pre-diabetes) were randomized to an intervention or a control group. Persons in the intervention arm received individualized counseling to achieve the following lifestyle intervention treatment goals: Success in meeting these goals was quantified using a 0-5 scoring system, with a score of 5 indicating achievement of all 5 goals. The primary endpoint, new-onset type 2 diabetes incidence, was assessed after a median follow-up of 7 years, which included a median of 4 years of active treatment plus 3 years of post-intervention follow-up.

Key findings These findings indicate that “the true effect of healthy lifestyle results in a dramatically better outcome than that seen by the intention-to-treat analysis of the treatment effect."

Yours in health,
EHS Team

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